1. Social Media in 2017: Dangerous or Progressive?

Social Media has undoubtedly changed our modern world.  There is a whole network of connection which nearly everybody in the developed world has access to, all it takes is to reach into a pocket and pull out a phone. But how has it changed the world?

In a way it is undoubtedly progressive: never before has information been so readily available. And it is not just access to information. We are now one click away from purchasing practically anything available worldwide, through sites like Amazon and Alibaba. The world truly has become a global village.

But, to quote the Spiderman movies, ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ While there is great access to information in the digital age, recently there has been instances of ‘alternative facts’. The development of the internet has given a voice to many people and outlets that would have previously not been able to disseminate their views. This in turn has led to a greater difficulty in proving the truth of these sites. Furthermore, with the 15 minute news cycle, previously careful well known news outlets have had to rush to break the news first, and so more and more these fake news stories, these instances of reporting of ‘alternative facts’ have become more prevalent.


In fact, there is a recent argument that ‘alternative facts’ may be being actively disseminated by the Trump administration in the United States so that rival news outlets will discuss the untrue nature of these stories, thus deflecting some of the more unpopular measures being carried out by the White House and being able to carry them out without as much reporting as there would be if the people didn’t have fake news to worry them.

That is one thing the Liberal and Conservative medias can both agree on: Whether or not it is good for them, Give the people what they want.



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